FREE Coffee & Cozy Stock Photos

1:45 PM

The transition in your marketing from CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS to your new Spring products, can be a long one. You're trying to move that huge pile of green sweaters you thought would sell out (umm they SAID greenery was the color of the year? Right?), but everyone's mind is on Spring Break and the beach. But now is the perfect time to remind your consumers to slow down and enjoy the cozy winter season! Okay, I know it is like literally 15 degrees out, but isn't cuddling up with your dog under five blankets while you drink some red wine and binge watch Friends the most glorious thing ever!?

Use these two FREE Coffee + Cozy Styled Images for your Winter marketing, on Instagram (or Instagram stories!), or to impose your products on in your etsy shop! Simply click to download your favs. And don't forget to tag me in your photos if you use these on Instagram (@MsTaylorElyse) I love seeing how you use my images!

*Images are free for personal and commercial use. You may not sell these images. Sole ownership belongs to Taylor Allan Photography.*

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