Should you DIY your wedding cake? I did!

9:13 PM

When planning our Philly wedding, the budget was a priority, as we were in the process of buying our (first!) house at the same time. And y'all, cakes are expensive! If you've gotten married, I know you know this. As with most of our wedding, we decided to DIY it.

One of D's favorite sweets (and one of the only ones he'll eat, I know he's crazy. #CHOCOLATEISLIFE) is the cake-ball. It seemed easy enough, make a few cake-balls, dip them in white chocolate, stack 'em, voila! Turns out, the cake balls took HOURS, but I couldn't be happier with how it came out.

We used a tutorial from RoseBakes for how to put this together but decided to get adventurous with the icing drizzling and flowers, our vibe was anthropologie inspired garden, so gotta have some flowers! We made about 400 cake-balls (only needed about 250) over about a month and a half, icing and all (against the better judgment of D's cousin, CakeBashNYC, she warned us they might sweat, and they did, but after a while, the summer heat cleared that up). And we froze them until two days before the wedding.

So should you DIY your wedding cake? If you are on a tight budget? Yes. Do it. It takes time, but enjoy the process of putting together your special day! Some other simple options we looked into are Naked Cakes, which would be very easy to tackle with some practice! If you have any questions on how we put this together, drop them in the comments and I'm happy to help in any way I can! And you totally CAN DIY your whole wedding, I believe in you!

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