DIY: Thanks Bottles

9:33 PM

One year ago I posted this fun post and it quickly became one of my most pinned posts.  This is one of the easiest ways to add some Thanksgiving decor and it'll keep your money on the side for Christmas!  By the way,  what is the standard practice with Christmas decor and Thanksgiving?  Do you keep your fall decor out or do you bring your Christmas decor into the mix??  Let me know because I am at a loss.

Its no secret I am in love with acrylic paint.  I use it on, well almost everything.  Painting objects is the easiest way to bring them back to life.  And painting discarded bottles is one of my favorite ideas, I even use painted bottles as a bracelet holder.  So I decided to take the six pack we drank over the weekend and turn it into Thanksgiving decor! 

What you need:
six bottles
acrylic paint
corn husks

{one} Remove the labels from your bottles. You can do this easily by submerging the bottles into a mixture of warm water and baking soda. Let the bottles sit in there for about a half hour and the labels will peel right off! Just use a sponge and some soap to scrub off any remaining glue. 

{two} Paint up your bottles. It tends to take me a few coats to get them completely opaque. Add one the wording to your newly painted bottles... 

{three} Stuff in your corn husks!!


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