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Its been forever since I linked up with the lovely ladies of Five on Friday.  I don't really have an excuse except for my hobby of blogging has brought me a great opportunity!  But we'll get to that at the end!

one || Priorities...  With more (welcome) responsibilities on my plate its become way too easy to push what should be my most important priorities to the side.  Especially now that summer is here, I just want to run around outside and play all day long, but I guess thats not part of being a grown up.  Sigh... I have no idea how Mommies of little ones do life + working!  They're amazing.  Being a dog Mommy is enough for me.  So I'm trying hard to prioritize what I spend my non-working hours on.  Any tips on getting everything done besides downing coffee?

two || Puppy...  Speaking of being a dog Mommy, its amazing.  I've been on D to agree to a dog for years now and it was completely worth the wait.  Jake has been a part of our family for almost two months now and it feels like he should have always been here.  I have to remember to turn down the "I'm a Dog Person!" persona.  I totally get how people are so crazy about their pets now.  I actually put together some home-made treats for him last week so go get the recipe if you're a dog person like me!

three || Alexandra... My little sister, Alexandra, is coming to visit in less than a month.  I honestly can not even remember that last time we were able to just hang out as the two of us.  Over three years now I'd guesstimate!  Since we moved cross country we only get to go home for the big holidays, AKA Christmas.  And when we are home we are rushing between families and its hard to just sit down and hang with everyone!  So this is something that is long overdue.

four || The Fourth... Are you getting excited for the Fourth of July?  I don't know why but this year, I'm extra pumped.  Crossed fingers for good weather!  I actually have a tasty Red, White and Blueberry appetizer recipe over on Southerndoe today too!  Of course I already ate all of these but they're healthy right!?

five || Southerndoe... Finally, that awesome opportunity I spoke of in the opener!  I've officially started writing for Southerndoe!  I've been so passionate about this company since it's inception and I'm so lucky to bring my DIY projects, recipes, and doe-spriation over to their lifestyle blog!  You can't currently subscribe to their blog by google friends like you can over here, but if you go over here you can enter you email to get our Saturday's with Southerndoe newsletter featuring all of our fun posts from the week!  We have some really exciting things planned for July and I'd be so lucky to have some of y'all follow me over there as I continue my blogging journey!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

XO Taylor

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