Meet Jake, our newest family member!

8:00 AM

Yesterday I shared what’s been going on in my life and one announcement was the welcome of this lil’ guy!  Prepare for puppy picture overload!  We have a new member of the family!  This is Jake.  We rescued him one week ago from a wonderful rescue called The Fresca Fund in Fort Worth Texas.  Now you may wonder why we decided to adopt instead of buying a puppy and believe me the decision was hard!  We looked for months for a breeder of a Rhodesian ridgeback, but the prices seems astronomical!  Especially when thinking about how many pups are at rescues and shelters waiting in cages for their fur-ever homes!  So we searched Petfinder instead.

Jakey is a year and a half old, but spent most of his life in crate.  His original owners adopted him from an SPCA when he was a wee pup at 12 weeks old; they thought he was a boxer so they had his tail snipped.  He spent his puppyhood in a crate where he was kept all the time except for walks.  My heart breaks every time I think about that.  The owners realized they didn’t have time for him and surrendered him to The Fresca Fund, where he spent six months…

We have no idea how Jake spent so long at the rescue.  He has a lot of energy, but is the absolute sweetest.  When you first meet him and he warms up to you, he just lays his body right into your legs.  *swoon*  He loves going to the dog park but is content to just nap lazily by my side during the workday.  The worst thing we’ve seen him do is crawl up on bed uninvited!  He has taken over our house and hearts in a week.  And any dog who likes Jimmy Fallon as much as I do is a keeper in my book! 

Ps - how many dog beds is a normal amount?  Because I have a feeling this little guy is spoiled!

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