Announcement! We're Moving!

8:00 AM

Last year around this time we were moving into our fabulous Dallas Urban Loft... remember this post!  Well after a year of living in a loft that has two walls that are solid windows... It looks cool, but isn't meant to be lived in.  Don't get me wrong, I loved our place, it was cool, and a little too "COOL" during the last two months, its impossible to keep heat in this place.  Even right now as I look at the blinds on my windows they're swinging from the draft.  The other thing about this place is that it never had a "cozy" vibe.  Perhaps its the cement floors and completely white walls that just don't make it feel like "home" with that that said we've decided to move.  Where to you ask?  Are we moving to another state!? Again!? We're moving...

down the street of course!  We absolutely love our neighborhood.  Deep Ellum is filled with shops, restaurants, street art, the best doughnut place in Dallas, AND all around friendly people.  So down the street we go!  We are sticking with our love of modern spaces and are moving into a big studio apartment.  I'm sure many of you are thinking... well where do you go when you want to get away from your spouse!  We have plans to build a wall from the wood we used in our bar, and truth be told, I have a weird habit of liking to sit on the rug in the bathroom with my laptop and watch a movie if I feel like I need a break... don't judge.  With that said here are some pictures of our new home!  (The first picture is the view from our roof deck!)

We still have one giant window which spreads light through our whole place and I'm in love with the columns on either side.

That bathtub... ginormous.   It feels like a spa bathtub, I am so excited to take my relaxing baths while watching Jimmy Fallon!  Yes, I do that, and you should too. 

Behind me you can see the bathroom entrance to the left, its a big sliding door.  I'm thinking or painting it with some chalkboard paint so add some color to the plentiful white walls. 

So. Many. Cabinets!  And so many ideas, I'd love to take that bar left cabinet door off and put our wine fridge in there, and of course you know I'm going to be adding lots of copper to our kitchen.  Something that really made us love this place though is the wood flooring.  Its the original wood flooring!  I can't wait to rub some coconut oil into the floor to really make the original warps stand out! 

XOXO Taylor

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