Five on Friday!

7:00 AM

Its been a good long while since I've linked up with Carolina Charm for Five on Friday, but we're back!  Here's whats been going on...

{one} Glazed: The last few Saturdays... well... I've been bad.  We've been heading over to Glazed, just about a block from our loft, to snag the most delicious donuts.  With flavors like Earl Gray Iced, Bourbon Glazed and a bacon donut you expect it to just be a gimmick.  But NO.  They bad boys are so doughy and flavorful.  Yum... at least we're walking over, right?

{two} Arm Knit Blanket:  I got a lot of questions about the arm knit blanket I made.  I followed a tutorial from Simply Maggie.  She made it so easy to arm knit, I've also made her arm knit scarf.  I went with Red Heart Grande yarn in the color oatmeal.  I needed ten size six, super bulky, balls of yarn.  I doubled up my working yarn since I couldn't find anything as thick as she was using.  Michaels is having a yarn sale, so if you want to arm knit your own blanket... now is the time!

{three} Christmas Crafts:  I have watched some Christmas movies.  Its okay, I'm not ashamed to admit it.  I am getting very excited for the holidays, and my pintrest page is on overload!

{four} Maccaulay Culkin:  He didn't die, but I did see him on Monday night!  He sure has changed...

{five} Delayed Halloween Costume:  I know its late, but I thought I would share my deer costume from Halloween :)

Hope you all have a swell weekend, and be on the lookout for good deals on Turkeys!

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