The weekend of Amber: Part 1

8:00 AM

I've been so blessed to have so many great visitors in the last few months.  First, Mom and Dad came to visit, then Mandy and Faith, and this past weekend I shared some more great times with D's younger sister Amber!  I can't believe how many activities we packed into this one weekend.  We did so much I had to split up all the fun into multiple posts!

Amber arrived late Thursday night / Friday morning.  The flight from Philly to Dallas normally takes a little over 3 hours.  But after a storm in Texas, Amber was delayed an hour and a half and then had to spend an extra hour in the air as the flew down to the gulf and back up to Dallas to avoid the storm.  What a trooper, she still arrived with a big smile on her face.

Friday was filled with activities.  The storm from the previous night had knocked out power in some of Dallas and unfortunately Top Golf was a victim.  But if you've ever been to Top Golf you know its an experience so we decided to drive a little further to the one in Allen.  Lucky us, Allan had prices that were basically 50% off the Dallas prices!  $10 for an hour of top golf is straight up unheard of.  The weekend rates ring in at $40 an hour.  And they even had a deal where you order from their lunch menu and score 30 minutes of free play!  Hooray!

Next stop, Icream Cafe.  This ice-cream parlor freezes your ice-cream right in front of you with the use of Liquid Nitrogen!  So you choose your milk type, choose your flavor, and choose your mixers!  My combination?  Almond milk (gotta stay dairy free), Pumpkin flavor, mixed with graham crackers.  It was amazing, the almond milk flavor was hardly noticeable.  If you have little ones, or have the personality of a little one like I do, go check this place out.

Onward to the TEXAS STATE FAIR!  And I finally did it.  I ate fried butter.  Its not like you think, its not a hard cold buttery center.  Its butter wrapped in a dough and sprinkled with honey and cinnamon sugar.  Wowza. I'm being honest when I say, eat it.  To make up for my cholesterol fest we walked all around and were lucky enough to see plenty of animals.  Ostrich races, tiny horses, emus, a giraffe, and my favorite, some long horns.  Yep thats me petting a zebra!

And the day still wasn't over, we headed out into Deep Ellum to let Amber mingle with our Dallas friends, and were able to give an ear to on of our favorite musicians, Benjamin Booker!  The best part, Glazed, the donut shop.  They're only open Friday and Saturday nights starting at 10:30 PM, but wow!  I honestly thought these were better than Gourdough's in Austin.  Successful day for sure.  Come back next week to hear all about our Saturday!

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