Tools: What you need to start DIY-ing

8:30 AM

Most of the projects I share on here are either tool-less or use just the basics.  I'm lucky to have a boyfriend who has a stockpile of tools in our closet, but if he wasn't around these are the tools that I would purchase, as they can be used for almost every DIY.  Bonus:  No power saws, because if you don't know how to use one, myself included, you might lose a finger!

Since power saws are a no-go for me, the handsaw and miter-box are a must.  The Miter-box keeps your cut straight and will even help you cut an angle!  And after you saw through a piece of wood you feel strong!  And your muscles are tired...

A power drill will cut down the time it takes you to place a screw to just seconds.  And its perfect for drilling holes into your projects.  My make-up brush stand required about 40 holes, and there is no way I could of took on that project without a drill! The drill we have is cordless which makes awkward angles easier.

If you decide to forgo screws and a drill a simple hammer and nails can get almost anything done.  Just use more nails than you would screws to make sure whatever you're putting together is secure.  Before I knew how to use a drill I was able to conquer the crate coffee table using only nails and guess what?  Its still the one we use today!

To measure of course!

Bonus:  Kreg Jig
This is a bonus tool, but is probably my favorite we have in the house.  You use the Kreg Jig to drill pocket holes,these kind of parallel holes. You can drill your screw into another piece of wood, so much easier!  I used this when making my single board serving tray!

Skipping the power tools may make your DIY projects take a little more time, but safety first!  If you don't know how to use it, DON'T use it!  Believe me, I've already cut my thumb in half trying to make a mason jar soap dispenser... eek, I still can feel the pain!

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