Five on Friday

8:30 AM

Here we go!

{one} fall:  Are you as excited for Fall as I am?  I am trying so hard to hold back on going all fall in my loft with decorations!  So this chalkboard art should hold me over...

{two} bottles in boots:  I also pulled out my boots and put away my summer shoes.  My boots normally stay in a big bin, but I wanted to find a way to make them stand up without spending any money... answer?  Solo cups and wine bottles!  They work perfectly and it gets some of the bottles off the top of my fridge.

[three} PSL:  If you didn't snag the recipe to make an iced PSL yesterday, go get it now!  This is the perfect drink for us gals wanted to get into fall, but are still stuck in the south heat!

{four} dame's dinner: I had dinner with the girls on Wednesday night and I just want to say Wow!  The soup, ok.  The dinner, ok.  The dessert!  It was the best dessert ever!  It was a chocolate tart on a salted caramel crust.  I didn't take a picture, because I ate it too fast, but I believe the recipe would be similar to this one... Chocolate Caramel Tart 

{five} Joan Rivers: I was so saddened by this news yesterday.  I remember growing up watching Joan on the red carpet with my mom whenever there was an award show on.  My prayers go out to her family.

I hope you all have a great weekend that somehow seems really long!

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