DIY: Wood Polish - perfect for old hardwood floors

8:00 AM

The wood on our stairs and in our loft is ancient.  It lacked any depth in color and had no shine.  The color was dry and dusty looking and any imperfections in the wood were hidden by the dryness.  I tried out a wood polish that I bought at target, but after it dried the color was back to that dusty gray.  So I turned to the internet for a safe home-made recipe.  A lot of folks suggested olive oil, but I didn't like the idea of rubbing olive oil into my wood, psh I need that for recipes y'all, so instead I went with coconut oil.

What you need:
coconut oil
old t-shirt cut up into squares

Grab a spoonful of coconut oil and drop it onto the wood, now rub it in with a old t-shirt.  After about five minutes, rub any excess oil off with a towel.  Repeat, repeat, repeat!  For our loft I divided I went board by board to keep track of what I had already rubbed down!

My mind was blown by how much better our wood flooring looked!  The color looked deeper and more vibrant and the dusty look was completely gone!  I now see the grain of the wood and love the knots, hooray!

Feel free to also use this technique to polish up any old wood furniture you have around as well, happy polishing :) 

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