five on friday

7:30 AM

Work has been a killer this week and I can't be more ready for this three day weekend.  So let me now break down my top five for the week.

{one} nail art pens:  I do my own nails and can honestly say I've never had a pedicure.  So when I want to glam up my nails a little bit, I've been turning to these prettys lately.  They're nail pens and they are so much easier to use than tiny brushes!

{two} garden gone: We decided to end our lease of our little plot in the garden.  But the peppers have come into the apartment and guess what, they ain't dead!  Success!

{three} scandal:  Fall TV can not come back soon enough, I'm fiending y'all!  I just started watching Scandal a few days ago (I've never seen it before) and I was looked within the first seven minutes, I haven't stopped watching since.

{four} Harry: In between my Scandal binges I've been wrapping up the seven Harry Potter book.  I read the series every summer and by the time I'm done, summer is winding down...

{five} fall:  I am so excited to start my fall decorating, pumpkins and leaves and glitter(?) galore.

Enjoy the long weekend friends!

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