Oh, Hey Friday!

7:06 AM

{one} Gin Gimlets:  I had forgotten about these easy, but delicious, cocktails.  And all you need is two ingredients!  1 oz. of your favorite gin mixed with 2 oz. Roosevelt's sweetened lime juice!  Mix one of these up this weekend for friends, or just yourself ;-)

{two} Key Lime Pie:  Speaking of lime... I don't typically like key lime pie, the flavor is just always too limey for me.  So when I went to The Standard Pour on Wednesday for my weekly girls dinner, I was not excited when I saw the desert was none other than the pie of limey-ness.  How wrong was I!  This pie was probably top three pieces of pie I've ever had.  The flavor was just like a cheesecake with a pinch of lime.  And the crush, ah! I wish I could eat this pie everyday...

{three} DIY: I've been hitting the DIY projects hard this week!  But my favorite tattered to taylored project has to be my coat hangers to wine racks.  If you missed it, go check out how you can upgrade your bar this weekend HERE.

{four}  24:  Someone's birthday is on Wednesday... it's mine!  This gal is turning 24!

{five}  Weekend Playlist:  Are you ready for two days off? I sure am!  Be sure to get the perfect summer jams from my July 18th playlist!  And if you're not using Spotify... big mistake!  Special thanks to Jazzy D for this awesome idea, not to be confused with regular D.

Have a great weekend y'all!

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