Oh, Hey Friday!

11:24 AM

I am so excited I've found a fun new friday link-up while the Five on Friday is on hiatus!  I love sharing my favorite things from the week, so here we go!

{one} Watermelon:  I warned you all when I started this garden thing, that somehow, someway I would kill it.  Plants just don't like me!  I've done PH tests, water tests, everything should be good and growing, but death conquers all my plants.  The cucumbers died, the zuchinni is in its final days, and my purple beans couldn't pull through.  BUT, there is a lone survivor.  My watermelon plant sprouted two watermelons this week, currently the size of baseballs! Yay!

{two} SAVE:  I was chatting with mom on the phone this week and we were discussing how I wanted a rug for our living area.  And come-on you guys know I'm cheap and there is no way in heck I'm paying more than $100 dollars for a rug, I don't care the size.  So after browsing the internet I found this pretty baby on www.anthropologie.com, selling price $598 AND on backorder until the end of July.  But guess, what I'm saving $471 dollars on that rug because I am a savy shopper... Rugs USA people.  Same exact rug, SAME EXACT ONE!  $127.  Bam, take that y'all!  Even though I ended up purchasing a different rug, this is a great deal for everyone!

{three} $3.50 Dranks: I've discovered my new favorite place in Deep Ellum, Pepe's.  They serve $3.50 giant frozen margaritas everyday during their happy hour.  And you can get also any flavor you like!  Psssttt, choose mango!

{four} Summer cleaning:  Thats the plan this weekend.  I have gotta fix the disaster that has become our storage closet...

{five} Daiquiris To-Go:  Do you have a place that you drive-thru to get a Daiquiri?  Yeah, a place you can drive through and pick up an alcoholic beverage!  They put it into a sealed plastic bag so its legal, but what!?  This has become one of the coolest things about Dallas and I was happy to indulge myself last weekend with a combination of peach, banana, and strawberry!  (No, not all three are for me!)

Have a great weekend friends!

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