DIY: The four Fourth of July projects I should have tackled

8:00 AM

Ah, tomorrow is the Fourth of July.  And the Three F's are on my mind... fireworks, friends, and food.  I always planned on decorating and tackling some Fourth of July decor projects, but time got the best of me and they didn't come to pass.  So if you have some time tonight, take on these four DIY projects to prep for Friday the Fourth...

{one} Snap, Crackle, and Pop:  How cute are these decorative wood fireworks?  All you need is some acrylic paint and some extra pieces of wood...

{two} Beans in a Vase:  This too is an easy project to tackle! It could also serve as something to stick either red and blue paper straws or utensils in!  Its all about presentation people!

{three} Mason Jars: I know a lot of you are southern girls, so you feel me when I express my love for mason jars.  I LOVE painting mason jars, and then re-painting them... (yep, you can remove that acrylic paint from your jars...its easy!) This would have looked great in my kitchen as a way to hold all of my pens and such.

{five} Bandana Banner:  This would have looked great on the wall by our bar!  Oh well, maybe next year... right!?

I hope you all have a bright and sunny Fourth of July filled with the Three F's!  And if you have an extra pair of old jean shorts lying around, check out my easy DIY to Americanize um'!

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