DIY: Dip Dye Pillowcases

8:00 AM

Dear Anthropologie,

Why you gotta be so cool?  After stopping in for dresser knobs this past weekend (I scored some for $2 each)  I fell in love with your dip dye bedding set, but unfortunately your prices are astronomical and I pinch pennies so hard they squeal.  So I have decided to take matters into my own hands and re-create your Sol Linen Pillow set, for $7 dollars.

What you need:
2 pillowcases
Rit dye in the color of your choice

Prepare your dye, per instructions on the packaging.  Decide how far up you want your coloring to start.  I started about, 3/4 the way up.  Dip the pillowcase in to that level and pulling it up a bit immediately.  Now let that level of color sit for a few seconds before lifting up the pillowcase a little higher, again holding the pillowcase in the dye for a few more seconds before you lift again.  Once you are close to the bottom the coloring should be rather dark, but let this bottom part set for a few minutes.

Rinse out your pillowcase. (Make sure you don't get dye onto the top where there is no dye.)  Rinse until clear before washing your pillowcases as directed.  

Next project, a set of sheets to match.  Because thats some serious style for some serious savings!

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