DIY: Chalkboard plated basket

8:30 AM

Every trip I take to Target isn't complete with a walk down the decor aisle.  For far too long I've been waiting for this pretty baby to go on sale:
I had already imagined my beautiful basket filled with my fur blanket once Fall arrived, nestled in the corner between our tv wall and the giant column.  Sigh, but at $40 I just couldn't.  So I decided to... DIY!  Of course!

I started with this basket I scored at Homegoods for $19, half the price of the basket I had been eying and just as big!  You can definitely find one even cheaper at Michaels if you bring your 40% one item coupon!

Now you just need your chalkboard plate, I luckily had a chalkboard tag from the holidays that was sitting in my craft drawer, and I just sawed the end to make a rectangle.  They still have these tags available at Michaels for $1.    But if you have a small piece of wood, just coat that baby is some acrylic black paint and you'll be ready to chalkboard.  (Yep, I use acrylic black paint for chalkboard paint, its always worked for me.)
Now drill two holes into your plate and attach it to your basket using some jute or a pretty ribbon.  You now have your perfect Target Chalkboard plated basket for half the price!  Savings... $21.00.

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