DIY: American Flag Denim Shorts

8:00 AM

Do you read a southern style?  If you don't, you should.  Zelle has the best taste in clothes.  So after seeing her awesome America inspired jean shorts yesterday, I decided I wanted my own.  But as this is tattered to taylored, instead of running to the mall to grab some I decided to take a pair of older jean shorts and to upgrade them!

What you need:
jean shorts
paint (acrylic or fabric will work)
masking tape
a star cut out 

Tape out your stripes.  I taped all the way down, before moving half the tape to insure equal lines.  Paint!  While your first color stripe dries, move onto your stars.  Cut out your star, while keeping the outer part, well together {a post it works great for this}.  Don't get too technical with the stars, just stick on your template and dab on some paint.  Once your stars are complete you're ready to paint your other color stripe.  You can apply tape if you want a perfectly straight line, but I wanted to stick with a tattered look.  

Voila! You're now looking like the grand ol' flag! Is is the Fourth yet?  Happy Wednesday!

And I'm no fashion blogger, but I tried to express my emotion of watching the US game yesterday!

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