Guest Post: Disaster Dates and Find Love Online @ Blake One Eighty

8:00 AM

Before I met Kevin I was single for over two years, mostly doing the whole online dating thing and trying to find my match. I was new to the dating scene and didn't know what to expect (I just got out of a three year long relationship before moving back home). Online dating was fun because I met a lot of people. However, it was also pretty risky. I got hurt numerous times, and I have been on a ton of horrible dates. Here are just a few of the bad dates I had the pleasure of going on:  

THE DITCHER: This guy I was seeing took me to a country bar for karaoke night. His friends/coworkers were there, and he wanted to impress me with his singing abilities. We danced, played pool, drank. And then nature called, so I excused myself to the bathroom. When I came back, he was gone. Literally, got in his car and left me there. At first I was sad and then I was angry. Who does that?! When I asked his friends/coworkers why he took off, they couldn't give me an answer.
THE PERV: Another guy and I went out to get drinks at one of my favorite bars. The date was going okay; before the bar, we ate at PF Changs and enjoyed our conversation. At the bar, though, the date went downhill fast, I assume because he started drinking. He spent about 15 minutes trying to convince me to hook up with him and his twin brother at the same time. He also let me know that he and his brother lost their virginities to the same girl. I got out of there so fast.
THE EXCUSE-MAKER & IRRATIONAL THINKER: Same scenario as above—we went to dinner and then to a bar. This guy told me he did ecstasy and tried to convince me that it was ok because taking drugs is the same thing as having a disease, specifically an STD. He said people with STDs choose to have sex and thus they also choose to have the STD. So him choosing to do an illegal drug is the same thing, so that makes it a-ok. Yeah, no.
THE EXTREME PERV: I went to dinner with this very handsome guy who seemed normal, interesting, and fun. We were sitting across from each other at the table talking about typical first date things. He asked me how much money I make a year. No. That made me uncomfortable, but he was cute so I let him get away with it (I didn’t tell him my income though). But then he said something so inappropriate and weird that I feel uncomfortable writing it. He told me I.. uhh.. gave him a… what happens to guys when they get excited. You know what I mean? So he told me he couldn’t stand up. I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped. Never talked to him again.

I could share a lot more stories about the disaster dates I have been on, but instead I'll end with a great one.

The day I went online to delete my dating profile, I saw a message from this redhead. He looked familiar, so I emailed him back, but quickly found out he wasn't the same guy I thought he was.
We met later that day on October 10, 2013. We moved in together on March 1. We just got back from Hawaii and celebrated our 6 month anniversary on the 2nd. Kevin is my best friend. We share everything with each other. I get butterflies when I look at him. I feel a spark when we kiss. Sometimes I catch myself staring at him with a goofy grin on my face.

Online dating can expose you to a bunch of jerks, but in the end, when you find yourself madly in love with someone, all those horrible dates were worth it because it led you to where you are right now.

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