Five on Friday

8:00 AM

I'm was so sad to hear about the summer hiatus of Five on Friday, but I love the idea of sharing my five favorites of the week, so Ima do it anyway...

{one} successful cooking:  I am so happy I can cook up dinners and have the eater say "That was really good Taylor!"  I never thought I would be the someone to cook dinners every night, but I enjoy doing it!  This week one of my creations was a tasty chicken burger that featured caramelized onions and spinach pesto.  Spinach Pesto, look it up, its delicious.

{two} moon manicure:  I was introduced to the moon manicure over a year ago, but haven't started rocking it until recently.  It steps up my nail game without spending hours trying to do nail art.  Yikes.

{three} $3 tote:  If you missed this post earlier this week go check it out.  I took a $3 straw tote from Target and tattered to taylored it into a knock-off Gap tote that is currently selling for $49.50. Thats $46.50 in savings people!

{four} sneak peek: I couldn't help but share a little sneak peak of the huge DIY creation I've been working on... a tattered to taylored original tutorial is to come soon! Newspaper anyone?

{five} michele:  Yep, a person is my number 5 favorite for the week.  Michele is one of my good friends from Pennsylvania and she has just moved to Dallas!  More friends = oh yeahhh!  We celebrated her arrival on Wednesday with Wino-Wednesday, half priced bottles y'all!

Have a great weekend, I hope the weather is perfect where ever you are!

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