Five on Friday

7:00 AM

I'm so happy this week is finally over, its been a doozie.  But now I have another fun weekend to look forward to.  And of course I'm joining up with my favorite blogger Carolina Charm for Five on Friday...

{one} I'm back:  I'm so sorry I've been away from blogging for so long :(  I had a passing in my family last week and was home in Pennsylvania saying good bye.  But a good thing happened when I was home.  I got to play with some ducks!

{two} baby goats:  I guess I was super lucky with my animal experiences recently.  Check out these baby goats I got to hang out with! 

{three} guest post: I'm guest blogging over @ Beautiful Things today while Meagan is getting married!  Whoo hoo! I'm sharing a tasty recipe so go check it out! 

{four} hair extensions:  I guess you're supposed to keep it a secret that you have hair extensions so everybody thinks you have luscious locks, but if you been reading tattered to taylored you'll know I've had hair loss issues, you can read about that here.  My hair has grown back since but I'm always looking for a way to get more volume.  Enter these pretty babies.  Would you guys like to see a review on this brand from Sally's and some before and afters?

{five} New Orleans:  We had this big weekend plan of going to the Red Bull Cliff diving event this weekend, but turns out everybody else in Texas plans on going too.  Renting some kayaks has been impossible.  So in a change of plans... we are going to NEW ORLEANS this weekend!

Hope you all have a fun weekend planned!

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