DIY: Summer Straw Colorblock tote (Just like Gap's!)

8:00 AM

So last week I received this in my inbox: The coverup + bag you NEED for summer.  Oh yeah Gap?  The bag I NEED for summer? 

So yes, the straw tote is adorable.  I love the simple colors and how you could rock it dressed up or dressed down.  So to I went.  Well they want $49.50 for the tote, so I quickly x'ed of that window.  A day later, I hop over to Target to do my grocery shopping and low and behold in the $dollar section lies a straw tote.  A plain straw tote with black straps, but it was $3.  THREE DOLLARS!  Obviously this goodie hopped into my cart quickly.  And this my friends is how you're going to get the must have Gap straw tote for $46.50 less... 

What you need:
straw tote
masking tape
acrylic paint (if you have fabric paint go for it, but its not essential)

Decide how much of the bag you want to be your opposing color, half, a quarter, three thirds... its up to you!  Now tape off that section very carefully, so the line goes straight.  Paint away!  I had to use two coats of black to really hide all of the brown straw.  Let you bag dry overnight before you throw in your summer essentials!  Voila! Oh yeahhhh saving moneyyy uhhhh  huhhh alright! 

Psssttt, like my newspaper map? More pics to come soon!

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