DIY: Cleaning makeup brushes

8:00 AM

I probably waited a little too long to wash my brushes this time around.  They were absolutely filled with old foundation, too many colors of eyeshadows, and my blush brush was straight up pink instead of white.  I've looked into brush shampoos and such, but I can't find a good enough reason to buy them... because I use this easy combination of household items to wash instead.  Dish soap and olive oil.  The dish soap kills off that bacteria and the olive oil keeps your brushes soft and refreshed.

What you need:
olive oil
dish soap
Combine dish soap and a bit of olive oil onto a plate.  Wet the dirty brush under lukewarm water.  Circle the wet brush around in the soap oil combination.  The plate should quickly be covered in that dirty makeup.  Once the brush is nice and soapy, rinse your brush off by circling the brush on your palm as the water runs over.  Squeeze out the excess water and reshape your brush before leaving the brush on a clean towel to dry.  

I have so many brushes I end up rinsing off my plate and adding new soap and oil to avoid adding more makeup my brushes.  And you're done, nice and clean and ready to make your face pretty.  Want one of those makeup brush stands?  DIY!  Its easy!  Grab the tutorial here

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