Boozin' Recipe: Sinful Summer Cider

8:43 AM

A cidery opened up in Dallas!  Yep, a cidery, as in they only serve hard cider!  If you're over in Dallas be sure to check out Bishop Cider!  But for when you're having a tasty drink at home, try this combination.  Cider and Vodka.  I've fallen in love with this tasty beverage over the past year, its a great alternative for when you want to skip the beer but don't want to go full booze.  One of our friends shared this booze combination with us a while back and it. is. perfection.  You can use any kind of cider, but make sure you stick to Deep Eddy's Ruby Red...

What you need:
16 oz. cider
1 shot of Deep Eddy's Ruby Red vodka

Mix these two tasty devils in your cup and you are going to be having a sinful summer.  Thirsty Thursday anyone?

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