Loft Tour: Kitchen

7:30 AM

As you know we've been working on our bar/wall for, well forever.  So much so that I've been neglecting the decor I could do now.  So when I bought three little plants from Trader Joe's the other day, it inspired a whole kitchen upgrade.  I used copper spray paint to totally revamp, and I didn't buy anything new! Chaching!  Spray paint sure goes a long way.  Remember that we do rent, so we are working with what we've got.  So here it is... my kitchen!

After I had painted almost everything copper, I saw a penny that had some patina rusted on it.  And with that, I added teal accents, in the mason jar that holds our pens, the box on top of the fridge and in one of the paintings.  (Make your own diy canvases).  But my favorite thing in the kitchen is definitely my DIYed Penny Clock.  It was actually very easy to make and I'll be sharing that DIY soon!

Btw, I'm considering spray painting out trash can copper as well?  What do you think, too much???  Please tell me what you think in the comments!?

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