Five on Friday

7:00 AM

Y'all know how this goes, linking up with the beautiful and very pregnant Carolina Charm :) 

{one} Spring for Coffee Giveaway:  Aren't giveaways the best?  So I teamed up with some awesome ladies to bring you the Spring for Coffee giveaway!

Entering is easy and you can win... My favorite nail polish, Essie's Bikini so Teeny (perfect for Spring!), a handpainted gold and white mug, $20 to Starbucks so you can get your Sweet Tea on, a Blood Mojito Soy Candle (the scent is heavenly) and a pack for 20 perfect paper straws!  All of that goodness and all you have to do is enter!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

{two} Wine Fridge: As you all know we've been working on our bar non-stop for the past month.  Every day is gets more awesome.  So last weekend when D picked up a mini fridge for us to build a keg-a-rator he noticed they also had a wine fridge for sale.  And he didn't think it was necessary to tell me til 8 hours later!  My immediate response was "WHY DIDN'T YOU BUY IT!"  Luckily it was still for sale and we scored this 24 bottle wine fridge for... wait for it... $40!  Isn't that insane??  I now have 4 bottles of fancy Trader Joe's wine nestled inside my new baby.

{three} T earrings:  My Mom is the best and sent me a Easter care package.  Inside the box was filled with goodies.  I am in love with these "T" earrings from her MaddieCat and Me collection.  If you want a pair for yourself with your own initials, shoot me an email @ and I'll pass along the message!

{four} Texas Necklace: I am also loving my new Texas necklace that also came from Mom!  After moving into our new place, I've fallen in love with Dallas and am excited to keep this necklace with me where ever we go!

{five} Sam Adams Spiced Peach Ale: I can't share a picture since its a Keg Beer only right now, but if you're out and you see it, GET IT!  It is so summery and delicious and hardly tastes like a beer.  Be on the look out!

Thanks to the awesome co-hosts in the giveaway today!  Myla of The Purple Front Door, Kristina of Medicine and Manicures, Caitlin of With Pearls and a Stethoscope, and Kate of Green Fashionista.

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