Fashion Favorites from the Met Gala!

7:30 AM

It must be fun to dress up for this fancy events.  I wonder if celebrities just get "over" it after a while though... today I'm featuring my top three dressed ladies who attended the Met Gala last night!  And of course, the three uh not so best dressed.

BEST: Reese Witherspoon... Reese looks gorgeous in this stunning pink color, and the exaggerated sweetheart neckline adds something special to the dress.  And her hair and makeup are perfection!  Something extra that I thought was very cool was the forearm bracelet.  I think I might start squishing bangles up there for a similar look.

BEST: Victoria Beckham... I have a serious girl crush on this woman.  Her style is always on point, and her look is so classic.  This dress is no exception.  The cream colors looks amazing with her skin tone and the layered top flatters her tiny figure.  No wonder she bagged David.

BEST: Charlize Theron... Jacket, jacket, jacket!  It makes the look.  The white and black dress by itself is sure to stunning on Charlize, but that jacket adds the perfect amount of "hip-ness" for the Met Gala.  Her hair and make up are so simple it really allows her outfit to shine.

WORST: Diane Argon... Her hair and make-up are beautiful, but this dress isn't doing her any favors.  And with all those sequins, her shoes could have a been a little simpler.  Its just.. a lot.  Luckily she's Diane Argon and I love her anyway.  

WORST: Lea Michele... I love Lea.  I'll admit it, yeah I still watch Glee.  I'm a tv addict and can't let it go.  So I was disappointed when Lea showed up to the Met Gala looking like an extra from American Hustle, literally.  I'm sure a ton of designers would love to dress her, so I'm not sure what she or her stylist were thinking was this was accepted as the dress.

WORST: Katie Holmes... Unfortunately, uh Katie chose this bubble dress thing.  Dear celebrities, these dresses don't work.  Stop trying to make it happen, its not going to happen!

BONUS: Sandra Lee... need I say more?  Like she must be joking right?  She sure has a beautiful face though!

Who were your favorites?  Pst, have you entered the Spring for Coffee giveaway??

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