DIY: Wall Bar Update!

7:30 AM

So I guess this isn't 100 % DIY because I definitely wouldn't have been able to do it without D's help.  But our Wall that is now a bar is looking great!  We originally planned to build just a wall, the wall would have a window that would fold down into a bar and my office would sit behind the wall.  But after working on that idea for a while, we realized that this would make too many big holes in the ceiling.  So instead we did this.  There are 0 holes in any walls from this project, everything is free standing so its literally a giant piece of furniture!  Here's a before for reference and a picture of me getting my work on (I can't take a normal picture to save my life)...

Putting that TV up on our wall was a workout.  I held the TV up for a good ten minutes, and just because its skinny doesn't make it light! But now that its on the wall it looks bigger and the screen looks so much clearer!  And there is a secret spot for our blu ray player and the kinnect.

And of course the best part, the bar accessories!  I shared my wine fridge on a Five on Friday post, but its still awesome.  And our new friend is our keg-a-rator.  We scored the mini-fridge for $40 from the same guy who sold us my wine fridge.  But altering it was certainly a tattered to taylored job!  My favorite part is our tap, it turned out looking so industrial, which is perfect for our Dallas loft.

We still need a permanent bar top, to put the keg into the bar, add a door in front of it, build our shelves in the middle, and sand down the bar stools to stain them.  Looks like another weekend of projects is ahead!

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