DIY: Easy Canvas Art

8:12 AM

I've had these blank canvases in my craft bin for quite sometime and was never sure exactly what I wanted to do with them.  But when I started reworking my final decor I decided to bring them out.  These were so easy to do and you could work them into anywhere that needs a little somethin' somethin'.  The colors of the canvases will give you a hint to the colors I'm using in my kitchen.

What you need:

To begin I decided to tape out some lines.  I am a terrible artist, like the worst, so having some guidance would make these simply.  For my one canvas I taped up half of the canvas and for the other I made a simple design.  Then paint the non taped part of your canvas.  After the paint has dryed, peel, and voila!  You are now an artist!

Come back tomorrow for my kitchen reveal :)  Have a great Tuesday!

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