Spring Hair Inspiration: Guest post from Life in the Lowcountry

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Today Miranda from Life in the Lowcountry is stopping by to talk about hair! 

Hey y'all. My name is Miranda and you can find me over at Life in the Lowcountry!

I'm a wife and mom blogging about my daily life in the beautiful South Carolina lowcountry. I have a huge addiction to shoes and southern drawls. Just like 99.9% of most of you Target is a huge weakness. I can never leave that place without spending less than $100, when I walked in there for trash bags to begin with.

Thanks to Taylor, I have collaborated with her to bring you today's post...

Don't you just love that time of year when the weather starts getting warmer, the azaleas are in full bloom, as well as the dogwoods and daffodils?! I know I sure do. With the spring months, comes a few changes. We change our wardrobe from deep purples and gray hues to bright corals and neons. We put up our boots until next Fall (except the cowboy boots, of course) and pull out our wedges and sandals.

Most of us also ditch our dark locks to light browns and caramels. You beautiful blondes usually add some highlights to brighten up your look as well.

If you're anything like me you are super scared to take the plunge and dye your hair. My hair, as I have said before, is black. That's just how it was when I was born, and how it has been all these years. I actually love that I am a natural born "black" head, but with spring now upon us I am lusting for a change.

See - black hair, and a duck face naturally!

Queue the side swept bangs...

My hair is all one length except for some light layers in the front. I love the look of a good side swept bang, and thanks to Pinterest I now have some ideas for my hair stylist, tell me what you think.

For me personally, I love the depth that bangs give my face shape. Something as simple as trimming your bangs can truly contour your face and give you a fresh new look without taking a plunge like cutting off 7" of hair into a short bob, hating it, and spending way too much money on extensions two weeks later (true story!)

What are some changes you make for spring? Come visit me at Life in the Lowcountry and let me know!

Thanks Miranda!  And be sure to enter the April showers giveaway, we're giving away some Hunter Boots!!!

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