Five on Friday!

7:55 AM

Ahhh the weekend is here, the next two days will hopefully finish out some of the big projects that have been going on around here.  Of course I'm linking up with Carolina Charm for Five on Friday, p.s. are you not so excited for her baby to arrive!

{one} Garden:  We have a garden!  I'm so lucky to have an urban garden right next-door to our loft.  After lots of love we are now growing a multitude of plants!  Cucumbers, okra, watermelon, tomatoes, peppers, beans, and carrots are all in the mix!

{two} Wall update:  The wall / now a bar and a kinda wall is definitely coming along!  It should be all put together this weekend, then we just have to sand and stain and make a counter put in all the shelves and the desk area.  But we're on our way!

{three} Boozin Lemon Sweet tea:  This drink is sure to be a summer staple this year.  If you missed the post yesterday, go check out how to make this tasty delight.

{four} Puppy sleepover:  One of our couple friends had to head out of town for work for the weekend, so I get to pretend I have a dog!  Ah living out my dreams...

{five} Weather:  Looks like its summer in Dallas, already!  Tank tops and jean shorts here I come...

Have a great weekend y'all!

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