DIY: Wire wastebasket upgrade

8:00 AM

I love the dollar section at Target, you can always find something good AND cheap.  Like did you know you can currently get a $3 fedora!?  Yep.   Well, we now have TWO whole bathrooms in our apartment, hooray!  So I needed a second waste bin.  After looking in the bathroom section, I was overwhelmed by the price of an ugly plastic waste bin.  Everything at Target was at least $10.  So when I saw a plain white wire waste bin in the $1 section, I decided to upgrade it myself.

What you need:
wire waste bin
acrylic paint

I started by lightly sanding the shine off of the white paint already on the bin.  This helps the acrylic paint stick better.  All I had to do then was brush on some gold paint!  If you have somewhere you can spray paint this project will be super quick!  But for us apartment girls acrylic paint and a foam brush will be easier :) 

Now I have a pretty gold waste bin and it only cost $3... score!

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