DIY: Make Up Brush stand

8:00 AM

If your remember from this post,  I hate when my make up brushes are touching. HATE IT! I don't know why but I hate it, but I do.  So I decided to tackle the issue with some of the extra wood from our wall/bar/notsurewhatthiswillbe.

What you need:
piece of wood
forstner drill bits

This project is an easy one, but you'll have to use power tools.  Yikes, I know.  So I stole the man's drill and drill bits.  I started by dividing my brushes into face brushes and eye brushes and then even more so, taking those two piles dividing those into two piles, one for the front row one for the back.  I then decided to take an extra piece of wood and created a template with the different sizes, this way I could test my brushes in different holes.  Once I knew the sizes of my holes, I made a key that showed this.  Next all you have to do is drill and paint!  Make sure you drill deep enough, if you don't your brushes won't stand up straight.

If you have a drill and drill bits you can do this!  Its a great way to display your makeup brushes andddd keep those bristles separated :)

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