Five on Friday

7:00 AM

The weeks keep going by so quickly! I can't believe we've been in our new place almost 3 whole weeks now!  I'm loving every second of being here.  It is literally the dream loft I've always wanted :)  Which brings me into number one on my Five on Friday...

{one} Closet makeover: We have one closet in this amazing apartment.  So the washer dryer, all of Dillon's tools, all our traveling gear, extra kitchen stuff, AND all my clothes, shoes, and accessories go in there.  Can you say disaster?  It was until I did a closet makeover this week.  I am now beyond happy with the look.  I'll be sharing the full before and after next week.

{two} Wall:  We are building a wall.  Its freestanding so we can easily get rid of it when we leave, but its going to be made of all repurposed wood, how cool is that?  The wall will divy off some of our living room area.  It will fold down into a bar and behind the wall will be my office!

{three} Souther Doe T:  My new Southerndoe T has arrived!  Hooray!  I have been wearing my coral boot tee almost every other day, so an addition was definitely needed...
{four} Spring Nails:  I don't know why but spring makes me want to attempt nail art.  I guess I think more people will be looking at my hands in spring...?  I'm excited to try one of these designs this weekend (after building the wall of course!)

{five}  Detox Bath:  I finally purchased epson salt this week and I can't wait to try a relaxing detox bath.  I made this bath shelf last year and am hoping to get some use out of it soon.  A bath and a book are the best!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend and I'll see you all next week!

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