Five on Friday

7:55 AM

Hooray! Its the weekend!  This week has been a long one... shuffling back and forth between our new home and our old, switching over utilities and cleaning.  I'm sure y'all don't wanna hear about that, so instead lets get to my Five on Friday!  Of course I'm linking up with North Carolina Charm.

{one} Loreal true match lumi:  I typically am not crazy about foundations, but I really love this one.  It goes on so well with my ELF kabuki brush, I just squirt some on the back of my hand and off I go!  I use the color n1-2 for my all over and n-4 for my contour.

{two} Orchata:  We are getting pretty into cocktails lately.  We are typically a craft beer household, but our good friends in Dallas are into making old fashions, 20 year old scotch, infusing liquors, etc.  So when one of those friends introduced me to Orchata I was hooked.  This cinnamon cream rum is the bomb (yes I just called it the bomb).  I just mix a little of this with some coconut milk and its delicious!  This is a great dessert cocktail...

{three} Dove Dry Shampoo:  Lew Party of 2 recommended this dry shampoo a few Fridays ago.  And wow!  Love it.  I was using Tresemme and it wasn't that great, so when I saw this recommendation I "splurged" the three dollars to give it a shot.  This really makes my hair smell great and doesn't give a huge amount of buildup on the scalp

{four} Repurposing:  Since this is "Tattered to Taylored" I do my best to find ways to use old things around the house.  I was throwing away these spice jars and realized I must have something I could use them for...  GLITTER SHAKERS!   My craft glitters were in all different shape containers so this was a great easy repurposing project.  And to remove the names from the bottles, I just used acetone nail polish remover and they wiped right off with a cottonball.

{five} SPRING! I'm sure this will be everywhere this week, but Spring is finally here!  I am so excited to be able to go outside in spring dresses and to get a little spring tan.  I don't have any big spring plans, but maybe something will pop up!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and the weather is great wherever you are!

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