Five on Friday!

7:00 AM

This week has been crazy!  We still aren't moved into our loft, but most of our stuff is there... not the best arrangement.  Hopefully we will be done with the big move Saturday morning, leaving me with a relaxing weekend with no big plans.  Anyway, I am celebrating the start of the weekend by linking up with North Carolina Charm for Five on Friday.

{one} Giveaway:  I'm so excited to be giving away one of my hand painted mugs that will soon be available in the Tattered to Taylored Etsy shop.  Of course I'm giving away the all popular cheetah mug!  Entering is easy...

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{two} SUMMER SHANDY: Summer really is coming!! My favorite favorite beer is back on the market.  Summer Shandy by Leinenkugel's is park lemonade, I mean can you really say no to that??

{three} Trader Joe bags:  How are we still moving our stuff?  Oh maybe because we have no boxes and we are moving all our stuff with the same seven Trader Joe bags.  These bags are pretty awesome though...

{four} Ceramic Hair Dryer:  For years, I had been using a regular old Revlon hairdryer.  And for years, I've had super dry damaged hair.  After a recommendation from a hairdresser to try a ceramic ionic hairdryer, I did.  And I can't believe the difference!  I got this hairdryer, the 3100 Absolut Heat, at Marshalls for $20 on clearance, and it is worth every penny.  My hair drys so soft now, it hardly even holds a curl it's so smooth.  I finally have the hair I always wanted.  Note: I do think the new brush I purchased helped as well, this is metal and NOT WOOD!

{five} Lego Movie:  Did you guys see the Lego Movie?  Oh you didn't?  Well you should go.  I am such a kid still and love kid movies anyway, but even the boyfriend liked this!  So go check it out...

Hopefully our move is done this week and I'll be sharing posts from my new place next week... and remember to enter the mug giveaway above!

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