Five on Friday!

8:00 AM

Another week gone already!  Time has been flying by lately and we are in the middle of a big move to our new apartment.  Yipee!  We went down there last night to take measurements, for all this fun stuff. I'm not exactly sure what "fun stuff" i'm taking about, or what exactly we are taking measurements for, but I just decorate... Of course I am spending Friday linking up with some awesome ladies, North Carolina Charm and Lauren Elizabeth.  Here we go!

{one} Coupon-ing:  I've never really couponed, it always felt like it took too much time.  But this past weekend when I did our grocery shopping, I was the lady in front of you who has a million coupons.  Okay, I only had six coupons, but I felt like that.  I saved us $8 dollars.  I know its not a lot but hey, its something!  And one of the best coupons I had?  Target. Take 20% off clearance partyware.  Turns out those awesome paper straws were on clearance, so I bought two packs at $1.30 each!  Score! (Yeah I kinda had a photo shoot with my straws, I love them that much)

{two}  Necklace: A while back I shared a j.crew necklace I was loving, but it cost $200 dollars.  Yeah, sorry but that price just isn't going to work for me.  So when I found a similar one at Forever 21 for $9, I couldn't resist.  I'm so excited to bust this out to add some "spring" to my step.

{three}  Loft: I know I talked about this already this week, but its true.  I am crazy in love with our new home and can't wait to move!

{four} Nasal Spray:  You're all going to think i'm so weird for posting this one, but it literally is one of my favorite things this week.  I haven't had a cold in at least 3 or 4 years, so when I got one on Sunday I thought I was dying from Swine.  God how do people with colds breath!?  This little bottle has saved me.  I'm finally starting to feel better.

{five} New blog design:  I've been working really hard on the re-design of Tattered to Taylored.  What do you think?

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!  And come back Monday, I have some fun news to share :)

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