DIY: Removing paint from glass

9:46 AM

If you've seen some of my tutorials, like my painted mason jars, you'll notice I love acrylic paint and I love to paint old things.  But what happens when I change my mind to a new color scheme or decide to repurpose my mason jars?  Well I remove the paint and re-paint.  I use ammonia for this, so if you have little ones or pets, this may not be the best method for you.  But its just me and my fish, so ammonia is my friend.

What you need:
Large bowl
Old painted glass

Fill up your bowl with ammonia and add your glass.  After about three minutes you are able to just wipe the paint away!  Then wash your glass throughly before reusing.  This is such an easy method that removes the paint fast, and removes it all without scrubbing.  Happy Monday y'all!

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