DIY: Neon Pink Shorts - VOTE!

9:00 AM

Hi everyone!  This week has been crazy, we are moved into our loft and most of our stuff is put away.  And now, as expected, the projects around here are getting started... building walls and building bars.  I can't wait to share those projects but in the meantime I have two pairs of neon pink shorts.  Don't ask how I ended up with two pairs, because I'm not very sure.  I'm looking to DIY the one pair into something awesome and can't decide what to do.  So I need your help, vote for one of the three options below.  Whichever option has the most votes by Friday will be a featured DIY, sharing I Tatter to Taylor these neon pink shorts... I've also included the tutorials on how to make the three options below for yourself!

DIY Neon Pink Shorts free polls 
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