Why Tattered to Taylored?

11:47 AM

I clearly remember sitting in my little sister's room with her and my Mom.  I had decided I wanted to start a blog.  I had just completed several DIY projects I was pretty proud of and wanted to share with the world!

We made a list of words we liked... vintage, inspired, pearls.  After we had a huge list we narrowed it down and started googling what words woman had already chosen.  Tailored was on our list and it soon transformed into Taylored.  I wanted to make it clear that this was a Do It Yourself blog so the word Tattered eventually came into play... Tattered to Taylored.

I knew this name was right for me and my blog!  I couldn't imagine it being called anything else.

Bell Bliss

Happy to be linking up with Bell Bliss today and I hope y'all have a great hump day!

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