Five Spring Cleaning Tips!

11:36 AM

Its going to be 79 degrees in Dallas today!  79!!!  I am beyond excited because I can open up my windows and listen to the sounds of the Waterfall by the pool... When we moved in we were beyond excited about this waterfall. I mean who doesn't want the sounds of a freaking waterfall to lull them to sleep.  Yeah, after one month you don't want a waterfall.  You'll hate it.  But moving on.  This evening I'll be spring cleaning!  So here are a few tips I'll be using tonight :)

How to get the grossness off of your glass stovetop...  Baking soda!  Yep, baking staple.  Just sprinkle this on and create a paste with some water...

Vinegar is your friend... luckily someone is going golfing after work, because they hate vinegar.  Like they want to die when they get the teeniest wiff.  But you can use vinegar to get that horrible smell out of your garbage can.  To get the hard water water off of your spigot.  To clean your bathtub.  To clean out your microwave...

Organize... Organizing the little areas around your home make a difference.  Take a second a tidy up your bookshelf, or the top of your dresser.

Microwave mess... Add a cup of water and a tablespoon of vinegar in a bowl.  Microwave for five minutes and then wipe your microwave clean with ease.

How to make your house smell like spring... Simmer lemon slices, rosemary, and vanilla.  Just take a small pot fill it up 2/3 of the way with water and add above.  You'll be happy you did! ps -  don't judge my lemons, I had to zest them okay!!!

Happy Tuesday!

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