Five on Friday!

8:00 AM

I've been so busy this past week as we've had amazing friends visiting Dallas from Brooklyn that I haven't been around, but I'm here to celebrate the beginning of another amazing weekend! Its time for Fiveee on Fridayyyy!

{one} Nail Art Success:  Okay, this isn't exactly nail "art" but this honestly is the first time I've successfully matched something I've found out Pintrest!  I've tried this like this is the past but the scotch tape always ended up pulling off my first layer of polish.  But this time I put the tape on my skin, pulled it off, put it on my skin, pulled it off, put it on my skin, pulled it off... before applying to my nail = success!

{two} Southerndoe I-phone Wallpapers:  My bestie from Tampa is the amazing owner of Southerndoe.  I started by designing a pretty I-phone wallpaper for a fun little surprise just for her, but ended up designing several... go check them out!  They're all free for use so you can have your own Dolly the deer with you at all times!

{three} Bombshell Spell:  If you haven't checked out Tone It Up, you definitely should!  The workouts are short and really work.. you out!  I've also started drinking the Bombshell spell each morning and it makes you feel sooo energized!  I'm signing up for my first 10K so I'm going to need ALLLL the energy I can get!  You can grab the recipe here in yesterday's post!

{four} Vaseline Spray Moisturizer:  I don't know why but there are two things I hate.  #1 is putting gas in my car.  I have no idea but it is the most annoying thing in the world #2 putting on moisturizer.  So this Vaseline Spray Moisturizer really is a godsend for me.  It works really great and is so fast and easy.  I have two bottles already (one for free because of Target coupons!)  And target has given me another coupon so I guess I'm obligated to get a third!

{five} I know I shared a paint pen mug a few weeks ago, but I created another this week and I couldn't resist sharing!   Cheetah print!

I hope you all have an amazing and joyful weekend.  Love you all!

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