Five on Friday!

7:00 AM

I am crazy about a lot of things this week and I'm pumped to share!!  Of course I'm linking up with the lovely North Carolina Charm and Lauren Elizabeth  :)

DIY Starbucks Green Peppermint Tea:  This is my favorite drink at Starbucks, besides the Peach Green tea which better make a return this summer!  
Starbucks uses Tazo Green Iced Tea so you just need to buy some of this at the grocery store and then hit up your local Starbucks and purchase a bottle of their syrup!  The whole bottle of syrup costs $9.  One Venti Green Tea at Starbucks costs $3.50... See where the saving are coming into play... I can now drink three of these babies a day :)

Tone it up!:  Someone had this on their Top five last week and I decided to test it out this week.  All I can say is: YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!  The workouts are only 10 - 15 minutes long, but they are amazing for toning!  You can feel it the next day, and I may be going to crazy but I really think my tummy looks a little more toned!  You have got to check these ladies You Tube Channel out!

Weight Trackers:  Did you notice I'm on a health kick?  Ha.  Earlier this week I put together some Weight Trackers for my binder.  You can fill in the date, your weight, and then track everything you ate and drank for the day!  And they come in some pretty colors.  You can hop over HERE and print out your own!

Snow in Dallas:  I had an important doctor's appointment to get to on Thursday, the one day I have to drive, and it snows.  Now it wasn't a lot of snow, but driving in snow is not good around here, because other people do not know how to drive in the snow.  I spent one hour going .8 miles.  Needless to say getting to, having my doctors appointment, and getting home was not happening in my one hour for lunch.  I'll have to try again next week... ps now hilarious is this photo from my window?  Snow next to an open pool with a waterfall...

New Friends, New Adventures, New Me:  I know that I've only been bettering myself for one month, but I feel the difference.  I feel happier and more confident and ready to go!  For a really long time I have put myself in the back seat.  And I know you all know how easy it is to focus on your family and friends and their happiness more so than your own.  I'm taking back control and loving it! 

Have a great weekend y'all! 

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