A Valentine's Day Friday!

8:33 AM

This week has gone by so quickly!  Too fast if you ask me, but its time to celebrate that holiday... Valentine's Day!

How amazing are the girls for sharing this story about Teddy, who has Menkes Syndrome.  Please hop over here for the story behind Teddy and please share your 
support!  #Teddy

Happy Valentine's Day to my beautiful followers!  I hope its a very special one! 

I am included in the Brilliant Earth pintrest page for their "LOVE" post this week.  Go check it out or find out how to make your own Love Mason Jars over Here

Success at chalkboard art.  Finally something turned out looking amazing on my chalkboard.  I fell in love with this quote "We loved with a love that was more than love."  I know that rings true with some of you :)

I am crazy in love with this Paint Pen Mug I created yesterday!  I simply can not stop drinking from it!  Make your own :)

I hope you all have a swell Valentine's Weekend!  Love you all!

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