Four makeup artists who can help :)

12:01 PM

Most of you know my resolution for the year is to become the best Taylor I can be, inside and out.  So I've been stepping up my makeup game, contouring, better quality products, and arched brows.  But two months ago I was basically just throwing on some BB cream to cover up my acne scars and putting on some eyeshadows.  I had no technique to doing these things, I was just doing them as I had been since I was 14.  So I thought I would share the four makeup artists who have changed my face.  I've spent a lot of time watching their tutorials on youtube and it honestly makes a big difference...

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Jaclyn Hill:  This girl is the creme de la creme.  She was a former MAC artist and now shoots tutorials.  She goes step by step telling what you need to do for your makeup.  She also has videos dedicated purely to the art of foundation and one for contouring.  She has made the biggest impact on my makeup-ing and if you only watch one person from this list, Jaclyn should be it.  Here is a good video to start with:  Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

Lauren Curtis:  Besides being absolutely gorgeous, Lauren gives great tips.  I loved her tips about lashes, skin and hair, but she also does great tutorials.  And she has ALOT of videos.  She too has a Valentine's Day Tutorial to share!

Bethany Zion:  Bethany was the first artist I started watching on youtube.  She does amazing makeup tutorials for costumes (Halloween anyone?)  but what I'm really in love with are her Victoria Secret looks.  She literally has all the make up looks from 2007 to now.  And who doesn't want to look like a Victoria Secret model for date night?  Here is how to look like Candice Swanepoel using only drugstore makeup!

Wayne Goss:  Wayne posts a lot of videos, which I love.  Some are short two minute videos giving you a fabulous tip (like that $1 eyeliner I have from Wet and Wild?  Oh just put it into a flame for a hot second before applying and it apples like Lancome!)  And some videos show you how to exactly get that Kim Kardashian highlighting.  He is one of my daily must watches!

If you do your makeup along with any of these artists and believe me, you'll notice a huge difference.

Who do you watch for makeup help?  I want to know, so share in the comments :)

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