New Year's Resolution Pintrest Pep!

11:00 AM

New Year's resolutions are slowly becoming less of a priority as the month goes by... My personal resolution is to look my best for 2014 so far I have...

  • Increased the amount of exercise I've been doing
  • Started a new skin care routine: I've doing the oil cleansing method and am excited to share with you my results in a month or two
  • Ordered Dr. George's whitening get for my soon to be pearly whites
  • Updated my make-up and have been watching a million tutorials to perfect the art of applying makeup
I'm not getting any younger so I need to make these changes now before its too late.  But it's so easy to fall off the wagon, so here is some inspiration to keep you going...



What was your New Year's Resolution?  Are you sticking to it?

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