My Southerndoe Package has Arrived!!!!

10:00 AM

If you haven't heard me rave about my beautiful bestie Kristen, get prepared.  Kristen has been working hard the last six months making her dreams a reality.  Southerndoe is the result of all this dedication and heart.  So obviously I was super excited to be the first Texan Southerndoe!  I ordered the Boots Tee in coral, a navy koozie, and the Dolly the Doe Decal.  Needless to say I wasn't disappointed when my package arrived!

Can we talk about how SOFT this shirt is.  Its like I've already washed it seven times!  = Best thing ever!  And I am crazy about the inside of the shirt that proudly shows this was all made in the USA!  It feels good to support a company that supports keeping work right here in the states! And I'm so pumped to put my booze into my new koozie!  Thanks Southerndoe!

PS- I'll be hosting another giveaway this Friday!  So be sure and stop by!

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