7:00 AM

Sorry I haven't posted much recently but I've picked up some new tasks at work and I've been putting my all into them :)  But I had to link up for the Five on Friday with CarolinaCharm and LaurenElizabeth!

{one} Breakfast:  My baby sister is the best and surprised me with a breakfast fit for a queen!

{two} Medicine Ball: Getting back into shape is something I'm striving for in 2014.  I am so happy to have my medicine ball back!  In 2011 I used this baby to get the best abs, so I have to give it another go for 2014... Bikini season is approaching and I am dying to get into my bikinis from three years ago...

{three} Fake Fur:  Vintage faux fur coat from my Grannie?  Uh the best thing ever...

{four} Electric Blanket:  Fireplace and and electric blanket... Wintery goodness!

{five} Olive Oil & Spices:  I LOVE Carabbas just because I can eat that amazing blend of spices and olive oil with that amazing bread.  My mom is amazing and went to Carabbas to get me the spices!  And the gave her the recipe!  Mix the following dried ingredients: basil, rosemary, oregano, crushed red peppers, granulated garlic, kosher salt, black pepper, parsley, and fresh garlic!

Happy Weekend Friends!

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