Five on Friday + A Giveaway!

6:00 AM

I am so happy it is Friday!  Like you have no possible idea how pumped I am!  I am looking forward to a weekend of friends and food and cake!  Of course I am linking up with North Carolina Charm and Lauren Elizabeth

{one} GIVEAWAY: Maddiecat and Me has given me the honor of hosting her first giveaway!  Maddiecat sells at craft shows and flea markets during the warmer months but considering the Arctic freeze we've been going through she has added some additional pieces to her Etsy shop!  Enter to win this beautiful necklace from Maddiecat's Bird Collection!  This piece will be perfect to get you through the winter and to help you hope for Spring!  Thanks Maddiecat!  And make sure you enter below...
  a Rafflecopter giveaway

{two} Turtle necklace / watch: I'm not trying to put you on Maddiecat overload, but I just got my turtle watch / necklace and it is fabulous!  How cute is this?  I won't lie, I love animal stuff so this was a must...

{three} Sunglasses stick:  Everyone responded so well to this little DIY I created quickly on Wednesday night,  if you haven't seen it check out the super easy DIY >>> Here!

{four}  St Tropez tanner:  I got this for Christmas and am going to finally test it out  I'm hoping the results will be pretty great! Check back in next week and I'll share how this all went down and the before and after...

{five} 99 cent creamers:  I've updated my coffee bar since I'm an addict again :)  And when I was at the grocery store I scored these two tasty creamers (the big bottles too)  for 99 CENTS each!  Say whaaaa??  These normally run at like 4 dollars!  But I guess nobody wanted the holiday flavors anymore!  These creamers are good until May so this was a FANTASTIC deal!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend and enter the Maddie Cat Giveaway above!

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