Favs and Fails: 2014 Golden Globes

10:49 AM

Last night I watched the pre-preshow, the pre-show and the Golden Globes!  I love looking at the gorgeous ladies' dresses and looking at gorgeous Bradley Cooper... Here are my picks for the best and the worst!

FAIL {3} Kayley Cuoco - I mean I guess her dress is kinda pretty in a watercolor kind of way, but I just really dislike her hair.  It kinda of looks like she just took the flat iron to it...

FAIL {2} Lena Dunham - I love this girl and all she stands for but I don't love this dress.  Any other color but yellow would have worked better. Ugh its just not a good dress for such a lovely girl. 

FAIL {1}  Paula Patton - What was she thinking.  This is not fabulous.  Its very very Gaga-esque and does no favors for her amazing amazing figure.  Ugh those shoes are really bad too... whyyyy Paula, whyyy!?

FAV {3} Lupita Nyong - This Ralph Lauren dress with cape is outa control amazing.  Who knew it was possible to wear a cape and be one of the best dressed of the nights!  Keep your stylist Lupita!  Whoever they are they picked an amazing dress for your amazing figure!

FAV {2} Emma Roberts: I really really just love this dress.  I love the neckline and I love the bottom.  Love Love Love!

FAV {1} Margot Robbie:  I am in love with Margot Robbie right now.  She is so beautiful and her styling last night was amazing.  Ah that dress is absolutely to die for!  And her makeup was so minimal it complimented the dress perfectly.  

Who were you favs and who were your fails?  Share in the Comments!

Until the Academy Awards!  

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